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Sisterhood of the Trees

The Sisterhood of the Trees came to fruition September 2014 after spending a weekend with our Dianic Foremother, Z Budapest, at the Goddess Festival in California. As four sisters came out of the Muir Woods we proceeded to see the full moon rising over Eastern horizon of the San Francisco bay and the sun setting in the Western horizon. It was a magical moment and our High Priestess Crystal began to weep as the Goddess spoke to her urging her to dive deeper into her Goddess work. 

We meet on the Sabbats for Ritual and a potluck meal. Our circle is a women only, open circle that gathers within the Goddess Temple of Venus Rising in North Georgia. 

Interested in coming to a event? Contact Us for more information. Once your information is processed we will add you to our Private Facebook Group and you will have access to all ritual information.

All Sisterhood events are a chance to get together for community and ritual. We gather around 5pm on Ritual days so that we may share a meal and community before Ritual .We always do a potluck style meal, a menu is prepared by one of the Priestesses and shared on our Secret Facebook page for easy planning. Ritual generally begins at 7pm and we ask that you be here prior to starting. If you can not make it before that please be mindful of the energy and excuse yourself from the event.