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About Us

The Goddess Temple of Venus Rising is a 501c3 nonprofit located in North Georgia. The Temple is a space for all those seeking the Goddess within and without and to help one in developing higher consciousness through workshops, ritual and sacred space. 

We started as just a few women gathering for ritual on the Sabbats in September 2014 and quickly grew into a larger congregation. After our High Priestess Crystal spent a little over a year in Shamanic training through Venus Rising Association for Transformation with Linda Star Wolf, receiving her Shamanic Minister ordination and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitatorâ„¢ certification, she went to the Sisterhood with a vision and a vote and here we are today bringing a mixture of higher conscious teachings, workshops, Shamanic Breathwork and Shamanic Pagan Rituals to all those ready to find the Goddess and Shaman within.

Our Temple is on Crystal's beautiful 5 acres located in Canton, Georgia and currently has space dedicated to gatherings in her lower level of her home. On the property you will find walking trails, labyrinth, camping areas, a circle with a fire pit for ritual, koi pond, and natural spring all located on a quiet country road 20 minutes from the city center nestled in the trees.